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A manufacturer and supplier of Sky Lantern products, also called: Floating Lanterns, Paper Lanterns, Chinese Flying Lanterns, and Lanterns in the Sky, to name a few variations. We manufacture and distribute from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

As a manufacturer, we provide 'freshly' 100% hand-crafted Sky Lanterns minimizing storage time. You may wonder, "does storage time matter". YES, IT MATTERS. Sky Lanterns are constructed with lightweight material which are biodegradable. The lightweight helps Sky Lanterns launch faster and fly longer. The biodegradable property of the Sky Lanterns makes them eco-friendly. But this also means that the Sky Lanterns deteriorate over time even when stored in the best of conditions. We reduce the storage time of our Sky Lanterns by only keeping enough Sky Lanterns in storage to meet our daily orders. We also go one step further of selling away our older stock Sky Lanterns to the local Thai market at discounted grade B prices. The minimal storage time at our location allows you, the customer, to have more time for transportation and storage at your end. You can be assured that when you order with us, you are receiving 'freshly' 100% hand-crafted Sky Lanterns.

About Us

Sky Lanterns are a popular product for use at large events, parties, and even smaller gatherings. While Sky Lanterns were becoming popularized in the western world, we at Skylanterns.Net have piloted many developments/modifications to our products.

Some of our achievements to date include: making the Lanterns body of Fire Resistant Paper, replacing the original metal wires with a Patented Metal-Free String, having various Sky Lantern Packaging options, choice of Traditional Thai or New Flat Fuel Cell, improved launch time, improved flight duration, creating the largest commercially available Sky Lantern (our Super MegaKube Sky Lanterns), safer Sky Lanterns and Fuel than ever before.

We produce Sky Lanterns, and only Sky Lanterns. We focus and specialize in just the one product, making us the true industry experts.

What we don't know about Lanterns isn't worth knowing!


We care about our customers, and we also care about our workers. We use a business model that provides good sustainable working conditions for our 300+ workers that diligently supply high quality, 100% hand-crafted Sky Lanterns. We take into consideration the culture and lifestyle of our Thai workers in order to help them produce higher quality products on a consistent basis.

SkyLanterns.Net partners with villages around Chiang Mai offering jobs for people who are mostly dependant on seasonal fruit picking which often lasts no more than 1 month a year. We work with key individuals within these communities to train and manage the workers.

SkyLanterns.Net believes in giving back to the community that has helped us become successful in the Sky Lantern business worldwide. We work closely with and support Global Vision Community Foundation in educational and community development projects. Currently, SkyLanterns.Net is working with GVC Foundation in building an educational center that provides free after school classes for the children within the community.
SkyLanterns.Net in collaboration with GVC Foundation works closely with a local school in providing scholarship for children in poverty. We have also worked with the local government office providing construction material for people within the community affected by natural disasters.

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